Bathmate: What To Expect? SHOCKING REVIEW + Results! [2019]

Bathmate is the effective and simple Penis Pump that has gained recognition in the industry due to its great results.

It is a simple yet elegant device that everyone can use easily at the comfort of their home, without any medical assistance.

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As for now, Bathmate is considered as one of the most popular and famous penis enlargement pumps in the market.

Since more than five years, Bathmate has gained great reputation along with many satisfied users.

The reason of its popularity is very simple, as it delivers excellent penis enlargement results in a natural way.

By using Bathmate penis pumps, you can gain longer, thicker penis in just few weeks.

The innovative design of this penis pump will make you feel confident with the bigger and better size.

One of the most attractive feature of Bathmate is it offer different types of penis pumps with variety of designs, sizes and pressure, so that everyone can get the one that best suits their enlargement needs.

The classic Bathmate model is the Bathmate Hercules, which is quite popular for many years due to its proven results.

For more demanding men, Bathmate has specially designed a revolutionary penis enlargement pump that is Hydromax X30.

It is one of the most sought after pump, as it is one step ahead than regular penis pumps with some really amazing features.

Bathmate does an excellent job for people who are facing issues of erectile dysfunction and are looking for an effective solution without pills.

Medical practitioners also suggest that using penis pumps can be an effective solution to erectile dysfunction.

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Why You Should Have a Bigger Penis?

I am a very lively and energetic person since my childhood. My teenage was the best part of my life, as I felt ready to rush in the beautiful feeling of relationship.

However, things were not as simpler for me I was thinking.

My girlfriend was quite happy with me until we decided to move ahead in our relationship.

To my surprise, just after few days she broke up with me, leaving me in despair and depression. The reason of my broken love relationship was the small size of my penis.

I was really disappointed by this, and I really want to increase my penis size.

However, I was very much scared of the penis enhancement pills and supplements.

My elder brother came as an angel in my life, who after understanding my problem advice me to use Bathmate penis enlargement device.

On his suggestion, I search a lot about it over internet and read amazing reviews about the product.

I tried out Bathmate Hydro Pump and believe me, I am very much satisfied with the result.

Check out my honest review on Bathmate penis enlargement devices to get detailed insight about this product.


how does a penis pump work?

Bathmate penis enlargement devices are the world’s best selling products that promises to enlarge your penis.

Besides increasing the size of the penis, it also helps to keep your penis in good shape and to combat the onset of Erectile dysfunction.

With regular use of Bathmate penis pumps, you will regain your lost self-confidence and the sexual drive that you have always wanted.

Bathmate before and after

Checkout BathMate before and after result pictures

It works in a natural way by following the natural mechanism. When you get an erection, your brain releases a hormone, which directs blood flow to your penis, filling up your erectile tissue.

As the blood spaces get filled up to the maximum level, erection is caused and it can fill up the amount of blood that your blood vessels can hold.

However, the use of Bathmate will actually develop your erectile tissue larger and stronger so that vessels will become bigger, allowing more blood to flow to fill the tissue.

It is actually like a body building for your penis. The design of Bathmate penis enlargement pumps encourages maximum growth with maximum comfort.

Also, Bathmate penis enlargement devices focus on growing your flaccid penis in length and girth within few weeks of usage. Many people are confused about using penis pumps, but they works pretty naturally to increase your penis size.


Bathmate penis pumps just create an erection using suction. As you draw blood into the corpus cavernosa, the penis starts erecting.

This will also stimulate your lymphatic system and flushes out toxins for better penile health. It is just a simple one-handed mechanism, that can make your size bigger with continued use.

How to Properly Use Penis Pump?

Bathmate penis enlargement pumps are very simple and easy to use.

  • Fill the bath tub with water
  • Perform this activity for 15 minutes per session and remove the unit.
  • Start using the unit once a day and at least three times a week for best results.
  • In case of feeling too much pressure, you can lightly activate the pressure release at the top of Bathmate.
  • During your bath time, put your Bathmate device underwater to get it completely filled and put your penis inside it.
  • Press on the bathmate down towards the pelvis base until a vacuum is created. When you start to feel the pressure building up, pump it up so that all the excess water starts to be replaced from the pressure release valve.
  • Once you feel you cannot pump any more, relax for five minutes. You wouldn’t be able to pump up because the optimal vacuum was achieved at that particular time.
  • Try pumping down your Bathmate after every four to five minutes. As your penis will expand, the excess water will be forced out from the top of the Bathmate everytime you pump down.
  • Pump your Bathmate to its optimal vacuum stage, when your feel its necessary. This is when there will no more excess water to come out at the end during pumping down.

How Effective is Bathmate?

Bathmate has delivered excellent results for many users and that is what makes it a reputed penis enlargement pump.

As per testimonials and user reviews, most individuals have gained between 1 to 3 inches in penis length along with an increment of 30% in thickness.

The increase in size is noticeable in both, flaccid and erect state.

As per research, people with smaller penis size and small flaccid get the fastest and most noticeable results within few weeks.

You will started noticing the results of Bathmate once you take it off after your first time use.

However, after few hours your penis size will start reducing gradually.

Though, Bathmate is an effective penis enlargement device, but don’t expect overnight miraculous results, as it quite similar to weight training workouts.

You have to use it regularly for the recommended time to notice a real change.

Bathmate is considered as a penis exerciser and developer that will give your remarkable growth in penis after a couple of weeks.

Initially, the use of Bathmate will increase your thickness and length and later your flaccid state will get a lot bigger.

You will see more improvement in the penis girth, as the pressure from the Bathmate opens your erectile tissue tubes and makes them bigger to hold more blood flow.

Generally, users have noticed remarkable gains in length between 1 to 3 months of usage.

You will definitely notice that you penis has increased up to half inch of length upwards and the more you use Bathmate, your penis will become fatter and longer.

The effectiveness of Bathmate largely depends on how often you use it. It is recommended to spend 15 minutes per session and to use the unit once a day.

To get better results, you should use the unit at least thrice a week.

With the span of time, you will be simply amazed with the development and growth of the flaccid size and erect of your penis, which can impact positively on your psychological and sexual performance as well.


what does a penis pump do

Comparison with Other Penis Pumps

Though there are many penis pumps available in the market with different designs and features, but Bathmate is superior to other competitor brands.

Bathmate has innovative designed pumps with different sizes, so that you can pick up the right one as per your penis size and erectile needs.

Following are some slight differences that make Bathmate pumps superior to others.

True Value for money

Mostly pumps with strong gaiters are expensive. However the Hydromax X30 is truly worth the money, as it comes with the strong gaiters for the lowest price.

For the similar pump of similar strength, you will need to pay more for other brands.


The maximum pressure of Bathmate Hydromax is far better than the maximum pressure of other brands.

Due to good pressures Hydromax is surely the strongest pump among all.


Bathmate penis pumps use slightly softer rubber which is kind to your penis skin under water. Rubber is soft, but stronger than the silicone used in other pumps, which is why Bathmate penis pumps are able to achieve more pressure.

Moreover, Hydromax comes with removable comfort pad to make it easier on the skin.

Potential Side Effects

There are not any potential side effects of using Bathmate penis enlargement devices.

However, you must use the unit carefully to avoid wears and tears or cuts on your penis skin.

The use of Bathmate penis pumps will not only enhance your penis size, but will also increase pleasure in your sex life.

Regular use will enhance your sex drive and increase your staying power by intensifying ejaculations.


Following are the pros of Bathmate:

  • Helps you last longer in bed.
  • Boost your self confidence.
  • It can work during bath, shower or even in air.
  • Lengthens the whole penis, not just the foreskin.
  • Offers a full No Risk Money back Guarantee.
  • It can easily be used comfortably using only one hand
  • It uses the remarkable power of water to create good vacuum effect comfortably.
  • Bathmate will improve your erection quality along with enhanced stamina and overall sexual performance
  • Produces a solid rock erection with the noticeable increase in penis length
  • It comes in several sizes and different designs for the best comfort and results
  • You will have to work on just 15 minutes with the Bathmate unit for visible difference


Following are some cons of Bathmate:

  • Overuse and mishandling of unit can lead to injury
  • You may need to be patient to wait for the results
  • It requires a significant cash expenditure


Who makes this stuff?

Bathmate International is the world’s leading, authorized seller of Bathmate products sourced directly from the manufacturers.

best penis pump

If you have a question prior to purchase or require post-sales support, please contact by of the following ways. Their help line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Phone: 800 983 3820
  • Email:

Bathmate International orders are distributed via Health World Limited.

How much does Bathmate Cost?

You should only buy your Bathmate penis enlargement device from their official website.

Be careful of fake resellers and cheap duplicates and coupon links.

The Originals Bathmate Series includes two versions:

  • Hercules – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $110.
  • Goliath – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $199.

The more powerful intermediate Hydromax X-Series comes in three versions:

  • X20 – new pump for smaller penises of 4 inches or less. Costs $139.
  • X30 – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $159.
  • X40 – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $199.
  • X50– for a length of more than 9 inches. Releases in early 2017.

And lastly, a more advanced version of the above, the Hydromax Xtreme-Series:

  • X20 – This comes at the cost of $249.
  • XX30 – for a length of 6 inches or less. Costs $299.
  • XX40 – for a length of more than 6 inches. Costs $349.
  • X50 –  for the men who wants extra. Costs $349.

Bathmate offers free international shipping for any package. Prices above are in $USD.

All Bathmate variants come with an exciting 60- day money back guarantee, which makes it an absolute risk-free purchase.

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Final Thoughts

Bathmate Penis enlargement devices are surely an ideal choice for the guys who are looking for good penis growth results along with remarkable staying up power in bed.

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