BathMate UK: Is It Worth Trying? Find out NOW [2019]

Bathmate have produced a penis pump which functions with the body to yield better and bigger erection.

Bathmate UK

Bathmate UK makes use of water to ensure that a safe, even vacuum is applied over the penis without requiring a constriction ring, unlike lesser devices on the market these days.

Making use of warm water propels circulation and enhances blood flow throughout the penis, while the vacuum functions to open up the tissues and blood vessels.

The Bathmate UK makes the volume of the penis to be usually over 25% bigger than your normal erection, which also refreshes the penis with oxygenated blood and helps enlarge the corpora cavernosa – the spongy tissue that holds contains blood during an erection.

Making use of Bathmate as part of your bath routine or daily shower for 15 minutes will help avoid erectile dysfunction which is often a symptom of aging and allows you to escape the cost and side effects of medication.


Bathmate is known to be a hydro penis pump, which is the first of its kind. Bathmate is more effective than the air pumps we all know.

However, Bathmate is widely used for penis enlargement, coupled with other variety of benefits. One of the major benefits of Bathmate is its ability to treat erectile dysfunction.

It gives harder erections to those that make use of it.

This new generation makes use of water, rather than air in order to create a vacuum. So, it can only be used in the bath, shower or wet room.

Compared to air pumps, the use of water provides several benefits like creating a stronger seal without leaks, the warm water tends to help relax the blood vessels in the penis, allowing for better and bigger results.

It was discovered that Bathmate helps to primarily affect the girth rather than the length but creates a permanent result when used daily.


One of the questions that might have been bothering your mind about Bathmate is how you can use Bathmate.

You don’t have to worry anymore, we’ve got you covered on how to make use of Bathmate in this article.

However, Bathmate can either be used in the bathtub or in the shower. We will show you the steps on how to use Bathmate in the right way.

How to Use Bathmate in the Shower
  1. Chill your body with warm water in the shower for 5 minutes
  2. Occupy the pump with warm water as you press on the pressure valve
  3. Insert your penis into the pump
  4. Make sure the pump gets to the pubic bone because water will be removed from the valve. Note that the process should last for 15 minutes with 2-3 intervals of 5 minutes each
  5. Then you have to compress the main valve to release pressure before switching off the pump.
How to Use Bathmate in the Bathtub
  1. Occupy your bathtub with water, then chill by soaking your body for 5 minutes
  2. Occupy the pump with water, then insert your penis into the pump
  3. Make sure the pump reaches the pubic bone because water will be removed from the valve. The process should last for 15 minutes with 2-3 intervals of 5 minutes each
  4. Then you have to compress the main valve to release pressure before switching off the pump.

It is advisable to make use of Bathmate at least once per day for the duration of 15 minutes per session. Performing this process regularly will definitely surprise you with the development of your penis size when erect.

However, miracle can’t just happen overnight, you surely have to commit to it in order to start seeing changes. It is not a quick process, it is a gradual process; just like working out in the gym.


Wondering where to purchase Bathmate in the UK?

Bathmate Discount UK

Here are some legitimate sites to buy Bathmate in the UK


You can supersize your manhood and likewise elevate your rock-hard erection pleasure with awesome air and water-based penis pumps in the UK.

Penis pumps are portable band easy to use which helps to overcome erectile dysfunction problems and enhance stamina, performance and physical intimacy.

Daily use of penis pump in the UK increases penis length and girth, and also guarantees prolonged satisfaction.

Some of the penis pumps in the UK include the following:

  • Adonis EZ Grip Penis Pump
  • Air Control Penis Pump
  • Bathmate Universal Capsule Case
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  • Enhance Travel Penis Pump System

According to the official UK site of Bathmate, here are some of the benefits of using a Bathmate penis pump:

  1. Real Results: While different people benefit from Bathmate differently, Bathmate penis pumps offer a range of positive effects for users. According to a recent survey, 70% of respondents noted a size increase, 76% saw better erections, and 75% noted a real boost in their confidence, with the numbers increasing hugely after regular use for a full month.
  2. Safe Design: Because Bathmate Company wants the safety of their customers, they made sure that the Bathmate products were built with body-safe materials, with their hydro pumps all clinically proven to be safe to use.
  3. Convenient Use: In order for you to get the very best from your Bathmate penis pump, it is advisable to use it on a regular basis. It is easy to incorporate Bathmate into your shower/bath routine with the unique water-based design of Bathmate, which gives you a real size and confidence boost without any awkwardness,
  4. Unmatched Choice: Over the years, Bathmate Company has created a huge selection of products to suit any kind of user.
  5. Guaranteed Performance: Bathmate Company is completely confident that their users will have a great time using Bathmate penis pumps.

The new Bathmate UK penis pump comes with a 2-year warranty and completely free delivery when bought from Bathmate official website.