How to Get a Bigger Dick

A bigger penis is every man’s desire these days because the way we do sex has become entirely different from past years.

Women are now much educated sexually that they need extra care with an extra shaft that can satisfy them easily.

how to get bigger dick

However, the majority of men are prone to low self-esteem because their penis size isn’t adequate.

Many relationships broke because they somehow missed the essential thing which is perfect sexual intimacy and understanding.

If you are not dominant in bed, it’s statistically proven that you are not going to be good in a relationship.

When you satisfy a woman you know that you have done your part already and there’s no place on earth she would go other than you because you have all that it takes.

How to increase penis size?

That is the most searched line on Google which shows the true desperation of men these days.

There are several methods to enlarge penis when you try to find a way and every method is of a different variety.

Male enhancement pills, penis enlargement pills, they all are temporary solutions for your problem which also have a history of some serious side effects.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger?

First of all, you don’t need to rely on the surgeries or another type of treatment for increasing your penis size.

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Also, some kind of male enhancing gel or creams is being sold which are totally scam by the way.

Majority of these treatments is not approved or tested so there’s no point in using them blindly.

In order to make your dick bigger, you need an option which is devoid of every sort of side effects condition as well as help penis grows all by natural means.

A penis pump is another success story when you ask how to get a bigger penis without spending too much money.

Penis pumps are designed to assist the growth of your penis which mainly targets the thickness.

Why Is Thickness So Important?

The length and girth (thickness) of your penis are closely interlinked.

But if you go towards a woman’s opinion, then they preferred thickness over length all the time.

Deep insertion requires longer penis size, but unless it is not thick, she ain’t gonna feel anything.

The thicker penis will enhance its presence while inserting and increase the amount of friction which is important for high-grade orgasm.

How to increase penis size with Penis Pumps?

Wherever your search about having a large and thick penis, you will somehow land on the penis pumps due to its effectiveness.

Penis pumps like Bathmate are getting maximum hype from men from sundry regions of the world.

At first, the pump sounded like a fake thing which as usual attracted many needy men due to its penis enlarging ability, but as you can see closer now the success ratio of these penis pumps are 95%.

Not just effective, but they are completely safe for the use at any hour of the day.

Anyway, let’s get to know about Bathmate, a revolutionary penis pump that will help you make your dick bigger.

What Is Bathmate?

Unlike many penis enlargement tricks and treatments, Bathmate is completely comfy, safe and effective method for gaining maximum penis size.

All Bathmate Pumps

Bathmate is different from other penis pumps since it utilized water and requires relatively lesser time for us.

The maker of Bathmate penis pump recommends 15 minutes use per day.

There are different types of Bathmate penis pump, the latest one is Hydromax which totally runs on water and clinically proven by many experts to be the best treatment for penis enlargement.

How Does It Work?

Bathmate penis pump is used during a shower or bath, but you can use it out of a bathroom as well.

The basic mechanism of action of Bathmate is to create a vacuum around your penis so that each penile cell will be stretched to its maximum tendency.

The force application allows penis cells to become elongated and bigger in size, which in turn make your penis bigger than normal.

What happens when the pressure is applied?

The science behind it is simple, which improves the blood circulation in every corner of your penis cells.

The male penis cannot grow if there is a lack of blood supply, but with two to three time application of hydro-pump technology such as Bathmate, your penis will grow in both length and girth.

In many ways, Bathmate can be a complete treatment for men having erectile dysfunction. A single application will induce pretty impressive erection which many men find quite surprising.

How To Use Bathmate Penis Pump?

To get a bigger penis, if you have already purchased Bathmate which is a really good choice.

Now it’s time to know how to actually use this device.

Many people get confused when it comes to the proper use of penis pumps as Bathmate.

It should be noted that these pumps should only be used after learning the proper way of use because if you miss any step or become careless, it might be not too risky but it will affect your penis muscles.

The easiest ways to use Bathmate are described step-wise:

  1. You first need to be relaxed in the shower, may be loosening up. (Warm showers are much preferred).
  2. Fill the pump with mildly warm water.
  3. Place your penis inside the pump carefully and close it tighter, you should not enter erect penis in the pump if you are a beginner.
  4. Start pumping slowly, water will be emitted from the valves which will decrease the pressure and cause an erection.
  5. Once the pressure is gone, re-pump the tube and do the same thing for 15 minutes.
  6. Remove the pump safely

Many people found penis pumps very hard in terms of its use, but it is simple as getting your phone on charge.

There is no rocket science involved neither any expertise, you only need to be calm and have patience.

Is Bathmate Safe To Use?

Absolutely, the only reason men are switching to Bathmate is that they cannot trust other penis enlargement products.

Bathmate, on the other hand, is relatively affordable, safe and effective. For more safety, you are acquired to exercise with Bathmate for 20 days with a flaccid penis.

It is completely safe, but everything should not be used in excess, Bathmate can be used for maximum 25-30 minutes but it is not advised to use it more than 30 minutes.

Also, the device must be used 3-4 times a week which will get you perfect results in no time!

Bathmate Benefits

  • Increase penis size
  • Improves erection quality
  • Harder, longer and sustainable erection
  • Increase penis length as well as girth
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Safe for use
  • Takes 15 minutes from your day
  • Money back guarantee
  • Available in multiple colors

Which Bathmate pump to get?

Bathmate is an exclusive brand which was first endorsed back in 2009 when it introduced Hercules and Goliath.

Hercules pump vs Goliath pump

Before that several penis pumps were sold in Amazon and eBay which users complained in terms of their quality.

There are still many cheap and easily rip-offs penis pump available which just not only waste your money but also harmful to your penis health.

After two 2 successful penis pumps which users endorsed a big time, Bathmate in 2014 released Hyrdomax X-Series and Hydromax Xtreme-Series which once again captivated many men who were kept asking about how to make your penis bigger naturally.

The new Bathmate penis enlarging pumps are much safer because of its Hydro-Generating Power, and also because of the following features involved.

  • They can hold and provide 35% more pressure, all because of the new Gaiter System.
  • It’s moldable, the swivel gaiter allows you to rotate the pump in 180 degrees.
  • Properly sealed while functioning, phony penis pumps with old leaking issues are not a problem.
  • The user can customized pressure as per will.

What we think we must use?

If you go to the Hydromax x-series you will be in good hands.

Bathmate previous penis pumps are good though, but if you are looking for a device that is comfortable, effective and safe at the same time, then we think you must go for Hydromax pumps.

The largest penis size you can achieve is that from Bathmate Goliath, which provides about 9 inches in size.

How Are The Customer Reviews About Bathmate?

Internet is flooded with the comments and reviews regarding Bathmate Hydromax series which has satisfied about 97% of its customers.

Bathmate before and after results

Some reputable web pages dealing with men’s health endorsed Bathmate penis pump for its effectiveness in increasing penis size remarkably.

By reading the customer reviews from the official site of Bathmate one can picture their situation about how hard their sex life once was, and the results show how happy they are with their sexual lives now!

Other Benefits of Bathmate

Bathmate Hydropump is not only designed to increase male penis but it also adds some tremendous life-changing benefits to the users who use it for more than 4-5 months.

  • You will experience an amazing erection quality, usually, some erections are for a short time being which later upon any sexual stimulation becomes too excited to ejaculate. Increased erection quality means you will get control over your erection so that you can maintain it for a longer period of time. Thinking about satisfying your sex-craving partner, this definitely helps!
  • A lot of users experienced elevated sex-drive which occurs only if your sexuality is enhanced. With enhanced penis size Bathmate is offering you increased sexual urge and improved sexual health in only 2 months.
  • Size brings confidence: Your partner will notice a remarkable charm and confidence level, which comes from the increased performance level. Let’s say you will become dominant in bed plays an integral part in any relation. Bathmate increases your masculine ego, which woman love by the way.

Where To Buy Bathmate?

The quality Bathmate penis pumps are available only on their official website.

By ordering from the official source you will get the fastest delivery and other benefits as well.

Buy Bathmate Pump

There are other relative websites which deal with the penis pumps, but they often deliver the device that doesn’t work with many customers.

To avoid any risk it is advised to purchase it from the official webpage only.

Any Money Back Guarantee?

Bathmate is offering 60-days money back guarantee on its Hydromax X-Series in which you will be asked no questions if you return the package within 60 days.

In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can get the full refund.

Do They Offer Free Shipping?

The official website of Bathmate will let you choose 2 options, whether to take free express shipping to pay for it.

For a powerful device like Bathmate, we don’t think it’s a waste to pay shipping charges.

Final Thoughts

How to get a bigger dick is not an unanswered question anymore.

And by all natural means, you will be happier to choose a Bathmate Hydro pump over any penis enlarging supplements.

Bathmate is like a gym for your penis where you eventually make it capable enough to stay longer and harder for the maximum time period.

Women with large sex appetite prefer deep penetration which cannot come from a small penis. Make your dick bigger and see how the things go.

Bathmate hydro pumps according to the majority of users are the safest way to increase penis size and performance level.

Any question regarding their company info or product supplies is available at their official website (

The kind of effects Bathmate pump delivers is similar to Kegel exercise but only it is highly amplified. With a huge dick, you will do more than just “Satisfy your Partner”.