Best Penis Pump Reviews

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Random investments often lead to irreplaceable loss and none of us would ever want that in the first place.

If you are not really happy with the size of your penis and are looking for a quality pump that can equally support you with your erections then this piece of writing is specially aimed for you.

Some time ago, people were facing several problems with their penis pumps.

  1. Bathmate Hydroxtreme
  2. Penomet
  3. Bathmate Hydromax
  4. Bathmate Hydro7

Upon investigation, it was revealed that these problems were rooted either due to the poor performance of penis devices or their extreme use that further fueled up their problems pertaining to their erections and size.

Essentially, when you go for a random pump, you risk your penile tissues that not only draw you away from the gains you expect, but further worsen the condition you have at that point of time.

Luckily, things have been changed for good now and we can’t thank the progression in technology enough.

Threats that would commonly follow penile pumps earlier are now wiped out with the introduction of some highly advanced penile pumps having functional designs and the real powers to give you that impressive size and erections.

The pumps we are referring to are specifically proven for being practical, great performance, speedy results and above all, safety nature.

But surely, that’s not enough to convince you, especially if you have witnessed someone deeply suffer from the repercussions of poor pumps or worst, suffered yourself.

Thereby, we have come up with some precise details to help you make a smart move and named some best of the best penis devices so that you get your hands on the one you rightly deserve.

So- let’s get started.


In this technological world, a good penis pump is a practical method for men with insufficient penis size.

The devices are specially designed keeping some basic qualities like comfort and safety in mind.

Interestingly, these may be based on slightly different mechanisms but a same purpose that is the increase in the length and circumference of penis.

But quality pumps have benefits that are not confined to the lengthening of penile but the strengthening of erections as well.

Thus, it is extremely important to pay extra attention while getting one for you as even if the benefits sound too intriguing to you, the aftermaths of a poor device are enduring.


1) Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

The penis pump that remained indomitable in 2019 is Bathmate HydroXtreme and that is simply because it encompasses standard no other product is currently nearer.

Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump review

The extraordinary device is exclusively aimed at chaps seeking a model offering equal relief for poor erections while promoting the lengthening of penile through a more distinctive and innovative design. 

What sets it apart from its rivals is the featuring of valves and handballs intended to adjust the force.

It is in fact, an approach that supports the enlargement of the targeted organ while keeping convenience as the prime concern.

In addition to its brilliant design, you will admire the fact that it caters men with every size through its 5 range of sizes.

Utilizing that very quality, every penile size can be perfectly accommodated and move ahead for the goals being set.

HydroXtreme Products

To determine the one you should go for, you can follow the Size Calculator and get your hands on the device exclusively designed for your length and targets.

The variations you will come across are:

Model Sizes
HydroXtreme 5Penis that measures 3-5.5 inches at the time of erections
HydroXtreme 75.5-7.5″
HydroXtreme 7 wide Boy7.5” or below (specifically helps with extra width)
HydroXtreme 97.5- 9.5 (understandably for men needing extra pleasure)
HydroXtreme 119” (but wants more)
Characteristics of Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

It is pretty apparent how Bathmate HydroXtreme Series deals with individual buyers and their respective sexual needs.

However, there are many other convincing characteristics of the hydro pump you need to learn for an informed purchase.

For example:

  1. It is manufactured using medical-grade materials
  2.  Its operation is completely soundless
  3. It does not run on batteries but is manually powered
  4. A personalized security lock has been incorporated so that mishaps can be avoided
  5. It is supported by a 60 day money back guarantee
  6. Buyers are further provided with a 24 months warranty
Recommended use

Since it is a Hydro Pump, it functions through water to build a vacuum so that the desired level of force can be developed encompassing the shaft. With that pressure, the pump is able to pull blood into the erectile tissues, called the corpora cavernosa.

Using Bathmate HydroXtreme is an effortless task that does not demand more than 20 minutes a day from your time.

Simply commit to its use for thrice every day while making certain that each session is assigned an equal amount of time from these 20 minutes and divided with adequate gaps.

Of course, the effects of Bathmate HydroXtreme will weaken after few hours or so but if you wish to make them everlasting; continue the practice for an extensive period of time.

2) Penomet Premium

Well, let’s be clear, Penomet Premium may not stand parallel to Bathmate HydroXtreme, but it does have the qualities to serve as its replacement.

Penomet Penis enlargement pump

The best about Penomet Premium is its highly ground-breaking design that goes well with its simple interface aiming to deliver what is expected by its users.

Essentially, Penomet has a reputation of being a customer-centered company thus; the design of this device was solely developed in accordance with the opinions of the potential customers so that equal value can be exchanged and they can advantage the most from it.

Contrary to the conventional designs of Hydro Pumps, the company features a different design that is not based on a single body with no components.

It comprises of a cylinder and a fraction called the gaiter that can be altered with another one offering more or less of force.

As per its science, the gains are likely to increase as users switch gaiters starting from a lower force to reaching the ones offering higher pressure with time.

Penomet also sells on the promise to assist you with the length (max 3 inches) and width (30%) of your member while giving you the support for the erection protection needed besides.

Penomet Pump Chart

As we have mentioned about the gaiter system, Penomet Premium tends to have the following gaiters accompanied along:

GaitersPressure offered
Characteristics of Penomet Premium

Initially, users are advised to take a baby step with the least force as this is the time when the organ needs preparation, the needed fueling for the continuous progression in pressure.

As the pressure gradually increases, you will get results that are comparatively bigger and reasonably harder.

Other convincing qualities of Penomet Premium are:

  1. The cylinder is manufactured using premium grade polycarbonate plastics.
  2. Besides offering 65% more in the size and width of penile against other pumps, it serves as an absolute solution for premature ejaculation and curvature.
  3. Pharmaceutical standard silicone is used to produce its gaiters.
  4. Buyers are provided a three year warranty and 60 days guarantee.
  5. You can claim to change the gaiter anytime throughout your life.
Recommended Use

By working through the AcuPressure System, the device manages to even up the force being built on the entire penile and not on specific areas.

This is further supported by its non-return valve and gaiter, which also encourages a balanced level of vacuum surrounding the member so that the expected level of gains can be witnessed without any accident or discomfort.

Now the recommended use of Penomet is slightly different to what we experienced in Bathmate HydroXtreme.

While the recommended time in a single day remains the same that is 20 minutes/day, the frequency can be reduced to one session divided by three brief intervals.

In order to gain longevity in results, be regular and consistent.

3) Bathmate Hydromax

Another successful launch by Bathmate, Bathmate Hydromax is a perfect value for men who are not in a position to afford high-end pumps yet desire something strong!

Bathmate Hydromax Pump

Now there are several reasons why we find Bathmate Hydromax unique and more effective than the standard penis pumps we surround.

Basically, the company has introduced a bellow pump that revolves around a modern valve system that is a quality no other pump by the brand shares.

This quality not only makes its design more unique and compelling in the eyes of potential buyers, but also improves its efficiency by giving it 35% extra pressures to yield the desired results.

It is in fact, one great way to better manage water movement and the quantity of convolutes for the enlargement process to conduct more conveniently and harmlessly.

Hydromax Series Products

This family member of Bathmate has a set of distinctive models with each targeting a specific penis size and promising a comfort fit for everyone.

Model Sizes
Hydromax 3Cock that measure 3 inches at the time of erections
Hydromax 53-5 inch member
Hydromax 7 5-7 inches
Hydromax 7- wide boy5-7 inches for men hoping more gains in the width
Hydromax 97-9 inches for men seeking extreme heights of pleasure and satisfaction
Characteristics of Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate is the king of penis pumps owing to its versatility in models and Bathmate Hydromax is a mere testimony of that.

It promises to offer suitable pumps for men having micropenis to men having natural lengths in the same technology.

Some further qualities possessed by Bathmate Hydromax are:

  1. The penis pump is produced through pharmaceutical standard silicon, polycarbonate and stainless steel.
  2. It draws more blood to the genitals thereby resulting in a longer penis (max 3 inches) and solid erections in a matter of 20 minutes.
  3. When compared with other devices of the same category, Bathmate Hydromax has the ability to deliver 35% more force.
  4. It has separable comfort pad that allows you to create a firm grip without feeling uncomfortable at any point of time.
  5. It comes with a 60 Days guarantee.
Recommended Use

For optimal gains, Bathmate Hydromax creates no unique rules but the same 15- 20 minutes daily usage that can either be achieved in a single sitting during the shower or three based on equal division of time. 

However, if you decide to limit your session to one, make sure you break these 20 minutes usage with brief pauses so the member gets the much needed time to relax.

Remember, you are likely to gain better results on the frequency of inflation and deflation and so if there is a higher occurrence, chances of greatest results increase.

Plus, to keep these changes and make the most from them, do nothing but be consistent with Bathmate Hydromax use.

4) Bathmate Hydro7

Bathmate Hydro 7 comes across as another powerful penis pump exclusively designed for newbies and highly recommended for men unable to stretch their budget much.

Bathmate Hydro7 penis pump

Coming from Bathmate, quality is guaranteed in Hydro7, however, do not expect to come across a variation in models here.

In spite of that, Hydro7 is one of the most hit items by Bathmate and that is somewhat because of its affordability but majorly because of its user-friendly nature.

Now considering the fact that it does not has any variation in the model, one would reasonably wonder whether or not it brings the very value generally accompanied with the penis pumps of Bathmate.

However, it is essential to note that the effectiveness and quality of Hydro 7 is not questionable at any point.

It is an ideal kit for all the beginners that promise to show you a great deal of difference in the length and circumference of penis you currently measure.

Characteristics of Bathmate Hydro 7

Though, bear in mind that Hydro 7 is not a pump for men with micropenis or a penile measuring below 5 inches.

It is merely recommended for sizes between 5-7 inches and problems related to erections and sexual desire. 

In case you do not fall in the very range of penile size, you can always consider other members of Bathmate family.

Bathmate has paid special focus on the gaiter bellow of this tool.

It has upgraded its design so that additional level of pressure can be applied and the required degree of gains can be produced.

Besides, other compelling qualities of Hydro 7 are:

  1. It is produced through first-rate polycarbonate plastic.
  2. It is specifically aimed for members measuring 5-7 inches and supports gains by up to 3 inches.
  3. These pumps are best suggested for powerful erections that create more satisfaction and facilitate performance of your life.
  4. It comes in three varied colors and a safety valve for you to adjust the force yourself.
  5. It has 60 days return policy similar to other Bathmate products.
Recommended Use

The mechanism of Hydro 7 is no different from the mechanism of other penis pumps and so is the time recommended for its use.

Preferably, fix a time for everyday use and pump your ‘asset’ for a minimum 15 minutes with three short but definite gaps.

You can practice the method for three times as well however; make sure that the daily limit is divided into three equal halves.

Remember, the key to significant and durable gains is consistency and nothing besides.


Penis pumps are based on a concept of pumping, a method that encourages blood to rush to the genitals in healthy amounts.

Blood carries nutrients and oxygen and additional blood carries additional level of oxygen and nutrients.

When the rich, high volume blood moves to the genitals, the reproductive organs nourish and the phallus swells.

This swelling adds inches to the penile size while ensuring it holds firm erections now.

 To pump and move blood to the member, users are suggested to position their penis inside a cylinder-like tube made of acrylic material.

Once the penis is positioned, users are directed to start pumping through a pump connected at the bottom of the tube.

Constant pumping causes the air encompassing the surrounding to push outside and form a vacuum.

Vacuum simply pulls blood for the enlargement you seek.


Checkout detailed comparison review on Bathmate vs Penomet.

Air pump vs Hydro pump for penis enlargement

Both the categories of pumps serve the same purpose however the basic difference that sets Air pumps and Hydro pumps apart is the utilization of water instead of air by Hydro pumps.

While we do not discourage the use of Air Pumps to our readers at all, we generally believe that the design and mechanism of Hydro Pumps are way more advanced, safer and rewarding than the Air Pumps.

These tend to be comparatively convenient and do not have a complex system to apprehend and follow.

It is for all these reasons, Hydro Pumps are popular and their demand is evidently higher. 


Like we have explained the science of penis pumps earlier, hydro pumps work through water for the enlargement purpose.

It forms the suction pressure surrounding the member that pulls it in a straight direction while provoking the blood to fill up at the same time.

This process makes the penis gain an impressive size and firmness for that highly desired performance moments earlier. 

Coming onto the design, you will find the kind more user-friendly and functional.

Unlike Air pumps, you do not need to deal with the moving components neither do you have to engage both hands for the use.

Plus, investigations have presented more solid evidence supporting their effects in the lengthening and widening of penile against the effects of Air Pumps and that we believe, adds more weight to the worth of Hydro Pumps.


Hydro Pumps are best admired for their speedy results that do not test your patience and make you question their ability to support.

In fact, all they require is the insertion of penis, pumping and there you are with the noticeable gains that appear better than what you performed with earlier.

Basically, these pumps command immediate supply of blood in the sponge-like tissues of penile that instantly lead to rock-hard erections and gains you will notice in size.

But it is important to note that there is a big difference in quick results and permanent results.

The market has penis enlargement contraptions that also aim lengthening through a different approach, however, their effects tend to be rather slow but lifelong.

On the contrary, pumps are meant for ‘impulsive’ effects that take minutes to appear but fade hours after the action is performed.

Thus, you can expect immediate ‘positivity’ with the use of penis pumps but wanting it to stay is not going to be the case with these tools.


Its most convincing quality besides quick effects is its ability to create changes from the very first attempt.

As per the directions, users are instructed to ‘pump’ their member thrice every day with each session comprising of 5-6 minutes at least.

The aim is to encourage regular pumping and reaching a daily target of 20 minutes for the speedy and noticeable increase in the penile length.

In terms of measurements, you can look ahead to 1-3 inches increase while you can also stay positive to notice desirable changes in the firmness, frequency and duration of erections.

Basically, the overall strength of erection lies upon the phallus ability to draw and keep blood when you are sexually awakened.

In case this supply is high, you are able to fight Erectile Dysfunction and ease all its upsetting symptoms, if not; you are not likely to enjoy erections that can be classified as quality or healthy.


These were the leading penis pumps of 2020 that are expected to rule the coming time as well.

As you can notice, Bathmate tends to enjoy the dominancy owing to the quality and innovation it brings from time to time.

While Penomet seems to have some competition with the brand, it seems like Bathmate remains unbeatable with products like HydroXtreme that is not only full of comfort and convenience, but versatility and extraordinary results as well.

Does GNC, Amazon or Walmart Sell Bathmate Penis Pump?

No, Look no other than official website for purchasing the genuine product with guarantee and discounts.