Bathmate Hydro7 – The original Bathmate hydropump penis pump!

Bathmate Hydro Series – The original hydro pump for the first time users. Hydro7 is ideal for penises with a length between 5 and 7 inches when fully erect.

While it may seem that the road to sizzling intimacy is full of bumps, all it requires from the guy’s side is the confidence to give his best.

But attaining this confidence is where exactly challenges lie as this is not just a mind game to excel, but also your body’s ability to respond.

At times, men have issues holding erections or in equal scenarios, they feel that their penis size is not what the women enjoy.

In either of the situations, it’s common for their confidence to shake which often leads to anxiety issues, poor performance or worst, resistance from sex at all.


From pills to pumps, you get what not for the virility, size and erection problems.

But with male enhancements, things are not as easy as they sound.

Firstly, there is a variety to choose from and you need to know what exactly you need.  

Secondly, there is no guarantee that your investment will be a rewarding one.

And thirdly and more importantly, there are enhancements proven for adding to the problems instead of addressing.

Thus, there are risks.

But for decades, men have laid their faith in penis pumps that are proven to be a natural practice good for producing rewards that are nearly instant.

No matter if it is a pump functioning through air or a device working through water; both draw blood to the corpora cavernosa that causes the member to lengthen and harden without any delay.

However, in comparison with air pumps, experts endorse Hydro Pumps and sworn to their safety that was once a question when the usage of the former was common.


Bathmate is a prominent brand in the male enhancement industry serving a purpose to facilitate men with small penis and other general problems taking a toll on their sexual life.

The brand is known for producing Hydro Pumps based on Aqua Pressure System, which indicates that the pump uses water to build pressure around the targeted sex organ for the blood to be drawn to it.

Bathmate is a successful brand that has a long history of ruling from the leading position.

Ever since the time it appeared in the market, the brand has launched variety based on customers’ preferences, needs and budget to accommodate every single individual going through sexual problems and not some targeted.

The best about Bathmate and its Hydro Pumps is its versatile pumps that also help men with micropenis that tends to remain a concern unattended by most of the penis pumps.

Plus from comfort to results, the penis devices by Bathmate simply prove to be a standout depicting why the brand has a record of 1 million satisfied customers around the world.

Hydro Pumps that have strengthened its standing in the market are:

  1. HydroXtreme
  2. HydroMax
  3. Hydro 7

Besides HydroXtreme and HydroMax, Hydro 7 is one of the best selling Bathmate launched we are often questioned about.

Men willing to upgrade from poor pump experiences to quality pumps by Bathmate are often interested to learn whether or not Hydro 7 will be a worthy deal.

Well, if you are one with questions pertaining to this most sought penis pump by Bathmate, we hope you get all your answers through this detailed review on Hydro 7.

So, let’s begin…

What is Hydro 7?

Presented in three thrilling colors, Hydro 7 is a quality addition by Bathmate for men willing to grow their penis and enjoy additional firmness when their member is erect.

Even though, the effects lead by Hydro 7 is brief, the penis pump generates the speediest results by utilizing the power of water.

Hydro 7 builds pressure on the penis when the organ is placed inside and the pumping begins.

The constant but even level of force forms vacuum which draws the blood and deliver results you are desperately into.

However, keep in mind that the entire course revolving around compressing and extending does not involve any sort of danger as water supplies equal level of force to the entire member unlike air.

As blood moves into the penis or more precisely, accumulates into the corpora cavernosa, you get an erection that will not only feel harder than before, but the penis will measure more than its actual erect length.

Now we’ve generally seen that Bathmate offers a particular model with a range of sub models accommodating different penile sizes however, the case with Hydro 7 is disappointingly different.

There is no sub model of Hydro 7 and you only get to enjoy its benefits if your erection length falls somewhere in between 5-7 inches.

Yes, the model is exclusively targeted for a certain length and not for every individual wishing to give it a try.

 But honestly, even when Hydro 7 is a solo model designed for a specific segment, this does not outweigh the qualities it surrounds.

It can greatly serve as a starter pump for all the newbies keen to invest in a simple and safe male enhancement that promises the desired changes right away.  

How does Hydro 7 work?

Hydro 7 come with the promise to focus on the erectile strength, duration and length for the hardcore performance due ahead.

For all the promises made and the other expected ones, Hydro 7 provokes the blood to move into a certain direction when the device is pumped and pumped while covering your penis.

Now irrespective of the cause affecting the erections, when the blood precisely moves towards the penile and enter Corpora cavernosa, you get to enjoy a natural boost in your erections and can visibly see your manhood increased in size.

Basically, Corpora cavernosa is one of the masses of erectile tissues that receive blood when the brain signals in response to sexual stimulation.

Higher volume of blood causes the penis to lengthen and engorge while putting it in a position to become firmer and sustain longer during intimacy.

Now even when Hydro 7 gives you the change you desire within a matter of minutes, you are certain to lose this positivity in a matter of hours.

However with time and regularity, we bet you can strengthen these effects and make these last a couple more hours.

What are the results of Hydro 7?

The best quality about penis pumps by Bathmate is the instant results.

Neither Hydro 7 nor any other device by the company suggests patience as the mechanism being applied is known for promoting natural and instant gains.

The temporary, but guaranteed results produced by Bathmate Hydro 7 are:

  1. Increase in the penis size from 1-3 inches during erections
  2. More hardening of the member that is clearly felt by you and her
  3. Increase in the duration of erection depicting higher control on ejaculations
  4. Straightens up penis and strengthens it for breathtaking orgasms.
  5. An absolute combat for Erectile Dysfunction
  6. Added stamina and virility during the time of love-making

Furthermore, a male enhancement that promises results through increasing blood circulation to the reproductive area is not just helpful for the optimal functioning of the sexual organs, but is also beneficial for the health of these organs.

This is because blood is a source of delivering what ‘nurtures’ our organs that is, oxygen and nutrients. And hence, when these much deprived organs from blood begins to receive it in healthier amounts, it isn’t a surprise for them to pep up.

So pumping your sexual organ through Hydro 7 is equally about its health as much as you wish it to support you with the problems that have shattered the confidence needed to be her man!

How to use Hydro 7?

Using Hydro 7 is no complicated task especially if you have used any other penis device by Bathmate earlier.

So there are two ways of using it. One when you take a shower and two when you wish to use it during bath.

In either case, let your penile relax by allowing it a 5 minute exposure to warm water.

For example, if you are taking a shower, make sure you keep yourself under warm water for 5 straight minutes.

If you are using Hydro 7 during the bath, keep yourself, specially the phallus soaked under the warm water for 5 minutes.

This is basically a practice that loosens up your muscles and allows the blood to flow more efficiently.

In simple words, it is a practice that prepares your manhood for the pressure it is about to undergo ‘now’!

Once you’ve prepared your member- it’s time for the below mentioned actions:

  1. Add warm water inside the tube pushing the pressure valve at the same time.
  2. Place the penile inside the device keeping the chamfer in the upwards direction.
  3.  While you have positioned your member inside, make sure a right seal is created with your body and pump.
  4. Now in a steady manner, begin pushing the pump towards your public bone. With every pump, you will notice that the water is emitting from the valve.
  5. Continue pumping and you will notice the manhood drawing up the cylinder.
  6. To maintain the vacuum, continue the process for at least 5 minutes before letting your member relax.
  7. Repeat the method for two more times as your aim is to complete a 15 minute cycle every day.

Make sure that the daily 15 minutes cycle has to be divided into three straight rounds, all of which should to be carried out in one single sitting. Do not forget to take a short break before you jump to another round.

 What are the Pros and Cons of Hydro 7?

Even when Hydro 7 appears to be the ideal male enhancement one can grab without giving a second thought; it does have some negative points to weigh it down.


  • It is ideal for the freshers as the design and operations are way too comprehensible.
  • It is one of the rapid size enhancement methods, the effects of which get visible from the very first use.  
  • There are no risks with Hydro 7.  It is a completely natural method that prepares you for that steamy sex without making you face any negative aftermath before or after.
  • It does not harm the erectile tissue as it is prepared using medical grade materials. On top of that, it is proven to be skin friendly. 
  • Hydro 7 utilizes Aqua Pressure system that tends to be a tested technology substantiating its safe use.
  • Consistent use of Hydro 7 assists the growth of erectile length by 3 inches max.
  • Using the penis pump is simple. You can use it while you head to take a shower or are simply up for a bath. In either of the cases, using it can go unnoticed by people you surround, specially the girl you wish to impress.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you move.
  • Even though, it is a product by Bathmate and we couldn’t expect it to be any cheaper, the product is priced very much in range of an average earning consumer. This validates Bathmate referring Hydro 7 as a startup tool for the novice.
  • 2 year warranty + 60 Days guarantee is a further bonus for the interested buyers of Hydro 7.
  • Icing on the cake is its FREE worldwide shipping.


  • It is natural for the buyers to seek permanent results that is just not the case with Hydro 7 or any other penis device except penis enlargement tools that take months. No wonder, the results of Hydro 7 are remarkable and can appear minutes before you get closer to her, these effects ultimately fade (in a matter of 3-4 hours) and you are left with the condition you size you had earlier.
  • It consumes at least 20 minutes of your time daily which cannot be dedicated by everyone. Even though, the practice is worth the efforts, yet, it can sound demanding to some.
  • \The specific addition by Bathmate is suitable to certain buyers having the penile length in between 5-7 inches. That sounds discouraging to people that may have micropenis or penis above the limit. Though, Bathmate has other Penis Pumps like HydroXtreme and HydroMax catering lengths between 3-9 inches in general, Hydro 7 focusing a certain division does affect its value.


As we intended to answer all the questions you may have pertaining to the benefits, functioning and quality of Hydro 7, we expect to accomplish our task by supporting you make a smart move.

If you have a penis size measuring between 5 to 7 inches during erections, Hydro 7 is a welcoming tool to you.

If not, you can seek other tools by Bathmate offering similar quality but targeting a range of sizes.

Hydro 7 is a specialized tool for some quick extra inches needed to make her scream.

It is in fact, a worth suggesting tool for Erectile Dysfunction and performance related problems especially like premature ejaculation.

All in all, it is a valuable addition by Bathmate and deserves every bit of the hype.

Does GNC, Amazon or Walmart Sell Hydro 7 Penis Pump?

The simple answer is NO! They Don’t.

To purchase Hydro 7 or any other Penis Pump by Bathmate, take the safest route and order none other than the authentic Bathmate.

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