Bathmate Hydromax – The single best-selling penis pump in the world!

Bathmate Pumps – Hydromax series is the perfect choice for you! Designed for people measuring between 3 and 9 inches, helping develop a stronger erection.

The performance of Hydro Pumps has proven to be quite remarkable in extending the penile and promoting the duration and firmness in erections.

Or if we put it this way that the power of water has proven to be far impressive than the power of air in this specific regard, we wouldn’t be wrong.

Reasonably, air pumps are great in producing the desired enlargement effects and so are their groundbreaking designs offering more in the area of pressure gauges, yet, there is a reasonable level of risk of involved when you get yourself an air pump and continue its use for long.

Basically, the mechanism of air pumps may be accommodating for the growth and strength you seek, however it has also been found to disfigure the penis that is nothing but a complicated challenge to deal.

But the situation with Hydro Pumps is entirely different.

It bears no such disfigurement risks as it utilizes the strength of water that puts it parallel or slightly above the air pumps.

Essentially, when the vacuum technology is applied using water, the overall member gets the even degree of pressure which is quite contrary to what happens with the air pumps and tends to become the cause of possible damage.

Thus, water pumps lead to no harm but the positivity and the boost in confidence you need.


As the awareness pertaining to the safety use of Hydro Pumps is increasing, men are naturally becoming more partial to kind.

But even while you understand the significance and reason to choose Water Pumps over Air Pumps, you will ideally go for the best brand available to you. 

In this expanding market, a brand enjoying the leading position is Bathmate.

Bathmate is a name exclusively known for its quality Hydro Pumps that are tested for generating satisfactory results for dudes having micropenis to studs having bigger size.

With that said, it is pretty much clear that the professionals behind the penis devices do not serve a specific segment or goal but work on a wider scale so that men with different sizes and diverse sexual goals can be dealt through this very technology.   

 A Hydro pump doing great justice to the reputation of Bathmate is HydroMax.

The excellent addition by Bathmate is a worthy item you can rely on for the imperfections keeping you from passionate sex.

But decision making is difficult when you lack proper knowledge of the operations, quality and more importantly, the effects of the product you intend to try.

Thus, here is the piece of writing solely dedicated to all the interested buyers of HydroMax or those looking for a solution that can avoid the frustrations triggered by poor sex.


HydroMax is a manual device primarily recommended for penile lengthening by 3 inches.

Besides its power to extend the member, HydroMax is also found to support healthy erections and fight with the stressful problem, known as Erectile Dysfunction.

As HydroMax is a water pump, it operates through Aqua Pressure System, the strength of which is evidently incomparable with air.

But even when HydroMax uses water and not air, it forms vacuum surrounding the penis from pressure just like the air pumps.

Building vacuum is basically, a great strategy that pulls out the penis and draws the blood into the genital.

With the blood rushing into the genital and filling up the tissues at a considerable rate, penile hardens and grows in size for her to ride longer.

The most convincing qualities of HydroMax are its affordability and the ability to provide 35% additional force that give it an edge over the pumps of the similar brand or kind. 

This extra force is to be credited to its commendable design that revolves around a comparatively bigger bellow pump and a revolutionized valve system that further enhances its power to create suction.

In addition to the efficiency of suction, it also limits the efforts needed for the exertion of pressure by lessening the quantity of convolutes needed by a standard penis pump.

Considering that with HydroMax, you are guaranteed to get superior results in less than the usual time.


HydroMax and its effects are welcoming to anyone in need of penis enlargement even if your size is satisfactory.

It is a basic tool for all the starters and can act as an advanced device for men that have previously used other brands but are planning to switch to Bathmate.

The pump creates force throughout the phallus and the shaft which begins to pull blood into the corpora cavernosa that is a simple biological process that tends to occur when a man feels sexually stimulated and his brain signals blood to reach the corpora cavernosa in simple words.

When a situation this happens, that is the blood reaches the designated place in the sexual organ, the penile begins to enlarge and harden, which is generally referred as erection.  

As this process is encouraged through suction, the only difference is the increased in blood supply that is needed for extra enlargement, super hardening and better control on erection.

Now that is certain to happen in all cases, that is, no matter what tends to be the underlying cause of your poor performance, HydroMax will change the bad into good in some 15 to 20 minutes.

In the other hand, Bathmate HydroXtreme series has an easy-to-use handball to our advanced hydropumps.


HydroMax does not sell fake promises but realistic effects that are achievable through the natural means and thus, people trust it and consider it a practical solution for the problems killing their inner peace.

These realistic effects or say, benefits of HydroMax are:

  1. Increase penis length by 3 inches.
  2. Produce noticeable improvement in the circumference of erect penis.
  3. Gives more hardening and strength to the phallus.
  4. Adds to the duration of erection.
  5. Improves confidence by boosting performance.
  6. A recommended penis pump for curvature and Erectile Dysfunction.

Even while the benefits of HydroMax are too tempting to resist, one must bear in mind that this quality pump and all the other penis pumps running on the vacuum technology generate brief improvements.

That is, even though your manhood will lengthen and harden enough to make her moan with pleasure, you will lose this power eventually after passing 4 to 5 hours of use.

So, expect it to be an immediate reliever for your sexual problems but let’s not refer it an ultimate solution for the record.


Bathmate has categorized the penile sizes into five groups and hence featured five models in HydroMax to cater each.

This indicates that Bathmate treats every buyer differently and in accordance with what his desired outcomes really are.

Models of HydroMax are:

  • HydroMax 3: Targeted for men that measure (≤) less than or equal to 3 inches during erections.
  • HydroMax 5: Commonly known as the starter model, the pump stresses on sizes that are between 3-5 inches while erect.
  • HydroMax 7: The device is planned for men with erectile lengths between 5-7 inches precise.
  • HydroMax 7 Wide Boy: While the model also targets the same range of penile size as HydroMax 7, it is specifically intended for men favoring additional thickness at the time of erection.
  • HydroMax 9: Anything in excess is not always harmful and so HydroMax 9 serves men with 7-9 inches lengths for her to scream wide and loud!

If you are a first time user, then we can prefer you to try Hydro7.

Evidently, HydroMax is a penis pump for ALL and thus, dudes with micropenis as well as with long dicks can head to it for its promising effects.

Plus while HydroMax contends with the problem through a range of different models, every single buyer is assured comfort fit to the max.


We have previously detailed how HydroMax uses pressure to create a vacuum inside the cylinder like tube when the penis is placed inside.

This vacuum pulls out the member until it is completely straightened out, which then trigger the blood to pull more and more into the corpora cavernosa.

When corpora cavernosa, the area of erectile tissues in the penile fills up with blood, the penile begins to hold an erection by hardening up and further pulling in size.

That’s exactly how you earn longer, thicker, harder erections with HydroMax!

Now you may be wondering that the mechanism of HydroMax is clearly the same how other Penis Pumps work.

However, that’s not the case with HydroMax that is simply set apart by its advanced valve system which manages the water movements at the time of operations more smartly.

And making the best use of that, you can also take charge of the level of force you wish to apply on your member and also manage the way you would like this pressure to be distributed along.


Bathmate has incorporated a new latch to the valve of HydroMax and its models that simply depicts how functional the design of this penis pump can be.

Basically, this is one good way to prevent water from spilling out while you keep a good control on pressure for more than the usual time.

This controls excessive pumping that does affect the erectile tissues and make them prone to injury.

In general, we have also discussed how the strength of water can be better trusted for safer gains compared to the strength of air and that is because water ensures that the targeted organ receives the pressure quite evenly and is encouraged to expand fully which is not the case with air.

Not only air distributes uneven pressure to the phallus at the time of pumping but also promotes uneven lengthening that worsen up the dilemmas you face in your performance.


Using HydroMax is no rocket science in fact, it is one of the easiest technique that promises incredible results without making you compromise on the spontaneity.

So you can get your job done in either of the two simple ways:

1) Shower

So the first and the most recommended way is using the penis pump in the shower.

For that you need to:

  1. Let yourself and your muscles relax in a warm, 5 minute shower for the blood to circulate more efficiently in your body.
  2. Now add warm water into the cylinder for the penis to take its position to the point the public bone hits.
  3. Make sure to press the pressure valve while adding water as this will prevent unnecessary spilling.
  4. With the help of valve, remove the water and push the main valve so that the pressure build around the phallus is slowly and safely eliminated.
  5. Carry the exact practice for three times with every session running for 5 minutes for the completion of daily 15 minutes suggested use.  Ensure that these three sessions are properly balanced with small gaps for the penile to get enough time to rest and react.
2) Bath

Using HydroMax during bath is more or less the same and with little changes in the previous practice, you can move ahead to the REAL RESULTS in less than 20 minutes.

  1. Give your blood supply a quick boost by soaking in warm water for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Pour the same water inside the pump and slip your penile to the point you feel you could feel your public bone being touched.
  3.  Step three is about pumping so start pumping.
  4. Push the valve so that the water supporting your goals to a bigger penile is effortlessly removed.
  5. Push the main valve so that the vacuum around the member is also removed and you can let yourself relax before repeating the steps for two more times.


We will totally mislead you if we say that HydroMax is a penis pump that is totally perfect and free from flaws.

That of course, can never be happen. Even if the technology advances further and we get our hands on more revolutionized tools.

So HydroMax too, has its shares of ups and downs!


  1. Immediate results in 15 minutes or so
  2. Spectacular size gains by 3 inches with consistency
  3. Admirable solution for Erectile Dysfunction and erections that lack quality
  4. Additional 35% pressure that limits convolutions and leads to speedy effects
  5. Innovative design that is completely beneficial for micropenis as much as it is for adequate lengths
  6. It has detachable comfort pads that ensure additional comfort and tighter grip
  7. It involves a simple painless procedure that can be followed within your comfort zone
  8. It follows a natural mechanism to stretch penis and hence invites no damage
  9. It has a 60 Day refund policy for safe investment\


  1. Results fade and are not lasting. Though it gives you 3-4 hours support to give that ‘porn star performance’!
  2. It is expensive, yes. Even though the price of HydroMax is slightly below the prices of other Bathmate pumps, it may feel a bit exorbitant depicting how Bathmate is cashing its dominancy.
  3. Even when they say you do not, you do have to compromise a bit on spontaneity and give yourself some time to prepare.


So far, the good about HydroMax by Bathmate is outweighing the bad it is associated with thus, you can lay your faith in this tool if you are okay with spending a little extra on quality or say, quality sex life.

Besides, it has 5 models to pick your one which you can determine by measuring your member when it is completely erect.

Hence, feel free to invest but make sure to invest in the original by ordering it from the authentic Bathmate supplier.

Does GNC, Amazon or Walmart Sell Hydromax Penis Pump?

No! They Don’t.

For that, visit the website of Bathmate after taking your erectile lengths and get started to experience a new you or the ‘you’ that has faded with age!

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