Bathmate HydroXtreme – The complete choice for penis improvement!

Bathmate HydroXtreme series Perfect for anyone between 3 and 11 inches – The most powerful penis pumps, complete choice for penis improvement.

The demand of Hydro Pumps is on the rise and it isn’t uncommon for men to desperately look for pumps offering extraordinary results in very little time and very little effort from their side.

Basically, it’s normal to expand your search horizons if you are about to make an investment.

It’s completely okay to seek out answers for questions you may have in your mind. It is indeed natural to get into details that can help you make an informed decision.

And thus, you are absolutely correct at your place to search about the ‘quick results’, quality and satisfaction guarantee of the Hydro pump you wish to grab.

But what if we support you take a step in the right direction by guiding you about the most worthy and leading penis pump of today called the HydroXtreme?

From the mechanism to the wide range of effects HydroXtreme is capable of producing, we intend to provide every bit of information that can play a part in your decision making.

So, let’s begin with our HydroXtreme Review!


HydroXtreme is one of the most running Hydro Pumps by the popular UK-based company, Bathmate.

If you search about Bathmate, you will get to learn that the company is the pioneer in Hydro Penis pumps and the first to challenge the effectiveness of Air Pumps that are relatively riskier and have limited effects.

More to Bathmate, it has a strong image of being a customer-centered business that has always prioritized customer satisfaction and so, introduced penis pumps aimed to advantage every single man from having micropenis to ideal lengths through their functional, user-friendly and comfortable designs.

Ever since 2006, the company is serving and strengthening its base as an indomitable Hydro penis pumps provider, the testimony of which is its more than 1, 000, 000 happy customers that have witnessed a major improvement in the overall quality of their sex life through the safe and pain-free use of the company’s devices.


HydroXtreme by Bathmate is a worthy addition in the male enlargement range offering some extremely quick, but realistic results.

The penis pump steps ahead with the ability to enlarge your penis through the water vacuum technology that is thus far proven to generate more powerful results compared to air vacuum technology.

However HydroXtreme is not only capable of enhancing the length and circumference of penile.

It is in fact, a versatile tool men can count on for problems they may have with the strength and duration of erections.

That it, HydroXtreme can lay a great support to men who are unable to hold hard erections or lose it before they could get the needed satisfaction.

Even if this erection problem is extreme in the form of Erectile Dysfunction, you could get no better solution but letting the penis device handle it.  

While HydroXtreme utilizes the suction science associated with air pumps, it uses a complete different approach that involves water in place of air.

When the strength of air is replaced with water, the lengthening and widening process becomes way too comfortable and way too safe.

Now it is often assumed that the positivity noticed in the penile length and erections from the use of penis pumps are unending.

But as disappointing as it may sound, neither HydroXtreme nor any other similar tool is capable of bringing those changes for long.

These tend to be a quick, but brief affair that allows you to upgrade your performance then and there and live those moments to the max.

Plus, the practice demands some 10-20 minutes of your time ahead of the love making session that might affect the essence of spontaneity, but considering your and your girl’s satisfaction, it’s always worth for the performance.


Nothing sounds more convincing when you get to experience an immediate solution to the problems killing your inner peace and confidence.

The case is very same with HydroXtreme.

If you allow yourself the time it takes to ‘train’ your member, you are sure to become unstoppable then.

And that change is not guaranteed after months or weeks of using HydroXtreme, but minutes.

Only after its first wear, you will visibly notice the enlargement effects that are certain to measure 1-3 inches more than the natural length measuring at the time of erections.

Icing on the cake will be the added strength you will notice in your erections that will then be better controlled than the control you have earlier.


As we have stated earlier, Bathmate believes in entertaining men having serious size problems to men that are simply looking for some ‘bonus’ gains.

Thus the general penis devices introduced by Bathmate are customized for every penile length no matter where it falls between 3 to 9 inches or above.

Now to ensure comfort-fit for everyone, Bathmate has not restricted a single model for all the natural sizes in HydroXtreme.

 It has come up with 5 different sorts of the very same model attending to distinct natural sizes through this exclusively revolutionary range.

These impressive tools are further accompanied with separable handballs and valves that add to the overall effectiveness of the male enlargement.

It is their contribution in the suction process that the pump is able to collect added volume of blood in the corpora cavernosa and deliver the wide range of benefits promised thereafter.

HydroXtreme Penis Pump Calculator

Now determining which one of the five penis pumps is aimed for you is simple. There is a Size Calculator through which you can tally the penis measurements you have taken when your member is erect.

Based on the measurement, you can now go for any of the following HydroXtreme model personalized for you:

Model Sizes
HydroXtreme 53-5.5 inches
HydroXtreme 75.5-7.5 inches
HydroXtreme 7 wide Boy7.5 inches or below (specifically helps with extra thickness)
HydroXtreme 97.5-9.5 (for those in need of extreme gains)
HydroXtreme 119” (bonus gains)

While a specific sort of HydroXtreme may be different from what your friend will end up buying, it is essential to note that all these 5 models are best designed for supporting size gains and protecting erections for the hard-core sex you have always fantasized in porn.


The mechanism of HydroXtreme or any other Hydro pump is clear-cut.

When you position your organ inside the water filled cylinder and pump and pump without any pause, a vacuum seal is formed around the shaft.

The constant force straightens up the member, causing higher volume of blood to pull in the corpora cavernosa.

As deprivation of blood roots all the erection and strength related problems, an increased supply now facilitates healthy erection with the member measuring noticeably larger and thicker.


HydroXtreme is one of the least demanding penis enlargement practices you can ever follow.

It is all about giving your sexual organ a daily 15-20 minutes attention- that’s it.

Yes, it needs to be used for no less than 15 minutes a day but must not exceed from 20 minutes every day.

 Now this duration should to divided into three, so a break up of 15 minutes makes three pumping sessions, which you have to follow in one go.

Now to ensure you are following the practice correctly, take a brief pause after you complete every session of the total 15 minutes daily use.

Continue the use and try to be more and more regular to enjoy the perks.

Interestingly, there are a couple of ways of using HydroXtreme and one involves no usage of water at all. While we have always endorsed Hydro Pump and water suction technology, we discourage this very method that could lead you to potential injury and not-so-pleasing results.

Thus, we suggest water use as it is not only risk-free and smooth, but the results yielded by the power of water are way more impressive and extraordinary than the results otherwise.


Expect the best possible gains from HydroXtreme but do not expect these gains to stay unlike the ones generated by penis extenders.

Penis extenders have nothing to do with immediate gains and these contraptions merely run on the idea of breaking the cells, healing and multiplying them.

This breaking and healing takes months to show some clear gain in the length of penis, however, this improvement is generally irreversible.

In case with Hydro pumps, or more precisely with the best penile pump of the recent times HydroXtreme, even when your manhood will lengthen in a matter of minutes and show major improvements in other areas of sexual performance, its effects will weaken as more and more hours will pass.  

To penis pumps are solely based for men that accept and enjoy temporary but major gains as compared to men that are pretty much okay with slow but permanent enlargement.

Hence, it’s all about priorities.

Now moving onto the question pertaining to the effects of this leading product by Bathmate, note that a mere 15 minutes of pumping can support you with:

  1. Thicker and longer penis that can increase by 3 inches in measurement.
  2. Powerful erections that will feel intensely hard to you and to her.
  3. Better grip on ejaculations for longevity.
  4. Dealing with troublesome Erectile Dysfunction.
  5. All night staying power and stamina to lead the session throughout.
  6. Higher satisfaction and powerful orgasms.


Precisely, there are two ways to use HydroXtreme.

Method 1 – shower

Using HydroXtreme in shower is the simplest method that requires the following steps:

  • Prepare your body by enjoying a 4-5 minutes shower before. Make sure you use warm water instead of cold as this will relax your spongy sexual organ and thus increase the blood supply to it
  • Once you have followed step number 1, add ‘tolerable’ level of warm water into the cylinder while pushing the pressure valve at the same time
  • Now this is the time you need to position your member inside the tube-like device. While placing it inside, keep in mind that the limit is reaching the public bone
  • Take out the water through the valve assuring all the water is removed
  • Now press the actual valve so that the vacuum formed inside the cylinder is safely removed
  • Take out the cylinder and free your member for some rest
  • Carry the exact same practice for three consecutive times but with three brief relaxation periods in between 
Method 2 – bath

This is another easy method for men who wish to use HydroXtreme differently.

Steps to follow this method are:

  • Keep yourself in the warm water to relax your body and increasing the efficiency of blood circulation to the member. Make sure you record a five minute check before moving ahead to step number 2.
  • Pour hot water inside the cylinder followed by positioning your penile to the point you get to your public bone.
  • Push the valve so that the water inside the cylinder is completely removed. Now push the actual valve so that the vacuum encompassing the shaft is removed.
  • Take out the cylinder so that the penis can now rest for a short period before you repeat the procedure until it adds to three.

So use it just as you please as either of the method is safe and effective unless you choose to use otherwise, that is without water. 


Bathmate has never disappointed men in introducing ground-breaking penis devices proving to be better than the other.

The range offered by the company is simply remarkable with every penis pump promising extreme value and turning as a competition for its siblings launched earlier.    

Let’s take HydroXtreme as an example. The tool appears as a mere rival to Hydromax that is another quality product designed by Bathmate.

While both the penis pumps remain unbeatable at their own respective places, buyers seem to incline more towards the former owing to its user-friendly and functional use.

The equally powerful Hydromax is comparatively cheaper but involves a relatively complex operation that is slightly discouraging to the naïve users.

Besides, it also has a variety of models accommodating men having different natural lengths; however what set it apart is the dedicated Hydro Pump exclusively targeted and beneficial for the small-sized penis.

Adding more to the value of Hydromax is a full-scale bellow pump supported by an advanced valve system that is capable of generating 35% additional force currently offered by other penis pumps.

Bathmate Hydro7 is the perfect penis pump for beginners to get better confidence!


HydroXtreme is the surefire way to experience bigger gains without undergoing extreme, dangerous and painful methods. But in spite of that, it has its cons!

The pros of HydroXtreme are:

  • As per the clinical trials, the method is more successful, comfortable and risk free compared to air pumps that could possibly harm the tissues and lead to injury
  • Users experience elongation and erection strength right after the first use
  • Consistent use can support the widening and elongation measuring three additional inches in the natural erect length
  •  It purely manufactured from pharmaceutical grade materials that not only ensure a process free from any level of discomfort, but the one that leads to safe execution as well
  • In order to keep the mishaps at bay, the masterminds have incorporated a personalized security lock
  • It does not burden you with batteries or to supervise charging as it is totally manually operated
  • Even if you have a sensitive skin, the pump is certain to suit your skin because of the pads placed inside
  • It has an innovative design that is extremely user friendly, easy to clean and functional enough to be operated with one single hand
  • It accommodates all sizes via its 5 different varieties all designed to support your performance
  • It has a 2 year warranty while you can claim for a refund in 60 days

The cons of HydroXtreme are:

  • Brief effects that weaken with the passage of hours
  • When compared to the effects of Hydromax on micropenis, the results fairly unconvincing
  • It keeps you from spontaneous sex
  • It binds you to your washroom for some minutes
  • It may take you slightly out of the budget


Personally, HydroXtreme is one of our favorite penis pumps we do not give a second thought while recommending, however, if you are a little low on budget, consider giving Hydromax a shot!

Either of the two is extremely effective and their performance and safety is beyond compare.

Does GNC, Amazon or Walmart Sell HydroXtreme Penis Pump?

No, They Don’t.

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