Bathmate vs Penomet Reviews

Bathmate or Penomet – Which is best penis pump you should try?

Bathmate Vs Penomet Review – Comparison between Two Infamous Penis Pumps

When you reading about two best penis pumps, questions like which one is the best often pops up in your mind.

Penis pumps are a great source for penis enlargement but clearly, there must be someone that suits best for men.

Choosing Best Penis Pump

About 8 out of 10 penis pumps in the market are able to deliver the clear benefits that are to increase penis size and girth, but it’s about options while purchasing too which matters.

Now, when it comes to the Bathmate Hydro pump, you get to many hydro pumps option which may cost you between $400-$600.

Comparing the best 2 penis pumps i.e Bathmate Vs Penomet, we have some lines drawn according to which two best penis pumps are going to be highlighted.

Starting with…

What is Bathmate?

Bathmate reviews

Bathmate is the world-class penis pump which is available in 5 different types.

The HydroXtreme series by Bathmate is the first uniquely designed hydro pumps that are easy to use in the handballs area and maximize the pressure that compliments the gains.

All 5 Penis pumps from Bathmate Series provide ultimate user experience and deliver above-average results.

What is Penomet?

Penomet reviews

Penomet turns out to be the hydro pump as well recently, the latest guidance to the user indicates how to use the water-assisted water pumps.

The special things about Penomet are not just the design but the interchangeable Gaiter System which applies the gradual pressure on the penis.

This means the user can easily and comfortably increase the penis size.

The 15 minutes long sessions with Penomet can induce gains of up to 3 inches in length and 30% in girth.

Bathmate Vs Penomet – Which Penis Pump is Best?

Here we have compared both of these penis pumps by a set of different criteria.

Each will decide the mode of use for the device, how to put them on, and other basic stuff.

In Terms of Easier to Use

Having a device easy to use is a great favor because it will decide how much pressure you’re going to apply gradually to go for the max pressure.

Some devices fail to deliver the exact amount of pressure and are difficult to use, Both Bathmate and Penomet wins at this category as both of the penis pumps are incredibly easy to use.

Winner: Bathmate

Device Filling

Bathmate latest penis pump Bathmate x30 has a pimp head which prevents the water from leaking after filling it up.

This being an important part of the penis pump as more water means more pressure generation. Older models of Bathmate usually leak water after putting them on.

While some guys prefer to use a penis pump in the shower so that’s not a big deal for them.

Winner: Both

Putting on Penis Pump (start)

Bathmate models Hercules and Goliath take around 8 seconds to generate the immediate suction phenomenon.

In comparison with Penomet, the Bathmate X30 models are the same in term of putting them on, both of these requires max 10 or 20 seconds.

Winner: Bathmate

Bathmate vs Penomet – Which Penis Pump Feels Great?

Every penis pump devices are hand-free which only needs to be touched while you want to tighten the suction. [study]

When it comes to Penomet, there is no leakage problem so you can wear it outside the shower too. And it doesn’t also need to re-pump to tighten the suction.

While some men prefer to re-pump as they like to keep it super tight.

Penomet has a problem which is its size, if your penis size is whooping big enough you can fit into that, otherwise get ready to hand down towards the end of your session!

Bathmate uses the shower strap to overcome this issue which Penomet does not!

For those who have more than 6 inches, using a penomet shouldn’t be a problem.

Winner: Bathmate

Water Retention

Using the penis pump before sexual intercourse is the best experience one can have.

Some models of Bathmate causes the undesirable yet non-harmful effect called “water retention”.

Bathmate models like x30 and penomet do not have this problem. You can use the condom right after using the pump as there will be no sensitivity issue.

Some of us refer to this water retention mode as Turkey Neck to or Tennis Ball Dick which seems funny.

Winner: Both

Comfort Ring

Bathmate models except for the Hercules and Bathmate Goliath have all Comfort Ring that inhibits the undesirable suction.

Some men take off the ring before using bathmate x30/x40 without which the pump feels awesome.

Penomet in this regard introduced a Soft Pad which works as a Comfort Ring.

Most users find the presence of Comfort Ring unwanted and it has no impact on which device you should buy to increase penis size.

Winner: Both

Vacuum Stretching

Bathmate is specialized to increase the length of your penis by doing the stretches in a specific way. [study]

All Bathmate penis pumps provide an impressive Vacuum Stretching in one single piece. This is certainly not possible with Penomet due to the attachable gaiters.

To some people, doing Bathmate Vacuum Stretching is a way to improve their size above 2 inches.

Individuals who don’t do these stretches haven’t stopped from getting over 2 inches.

Winner: Bathmate


Penomet penis pump is very easy to clean because it is converted into 2 different pieces while cleaning.

The gaiters are detached from the vacuum tube and it’s really simple to clean.

Penomet even comes with high-end cleaning foam called “Gun Oil Shine”.

Winner: Penomet


Every man wants to travel with the penis pump, the travelers find Bathmate very easy to travel with because it’s in one piece no matter which model you’ve purchased.

Bathmate penis pumps are smaller in size than the Penomet and that’s why people are choosing it in 2020.

There is no prohibition about taking penis pumps in the airline or where you travel if someone asks if whether the penis pump works, allows your girl to answer it.

Winner: Bathmate

Places to Buy

There is no such place where you can buy Bathmate or Penomet, except for their official website where hundreds of satisfied customer reviews are available.

where to buy best penis pump

Bathmate and Penomet have their dedicated online website which delivers to any area of the world with complete discreet packaging.

In terms of availability online, Bathmate Vs Penomet reviews have been posted many times which direct users to visit the official webpage only.

Do Walmart, GNC or Amazon Sell Penis Pumps?

Walmart doesn’t sell a penis pump but there is a variety of penis pumps you can find at Amazon or GNC.

But there is also a problem buying the best penis pump from the Amazon, one of the biggest problems is some users may have gotten used Penis Pump from some Amazon seller.

The manufacturer of Bathmate and Penomet strictly abide by customers not to buy them from any other source except their own.

Final Verdict – Which Penis Pump is the Best?

Bathmate and Penomet are great penis pumps that offer an equal type of suction and affect your sexual performance, stamina, and overall size.

For the premium users who would like to spend some serious cash, Bathmate Xtreme is the updated version which is great for everything you desire.

how to choose the best penis pump

While people on low-budget can consider buying Penomet package or Bathmate x30/x40 which are available for a great value.

At last, it’s all about how much you can spend and what you do really want.

Both models come with different gaiter system and suction phenomenon, Bathmate is slightly better because it has many features for the user to make them stick with it for so long.

Male enhancement pumps are all over the market so before buying the penis pump, always remember it’s like a gym for your penile muscles which do not needs to come in a position where chances of muscle tension are there. [clinical trials study]

The world thrives on the best product in the market and with so many male enhancement pills selling at the corner, the only best way to increase penis size is by using Penis Pumps.

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