How to Use Penis Pump – Detailed Guide for 2020!

Learn detailed review on how to use penis pump + the basic guide on buying the best penis pump with all pros and cons of using it.

Everything You Want to Know about Penis Pumps: Use, Place to Buy, Benefits and Side Effects

Erectile Dysfunction is not a joke and not a single person should take this matter lightly. Men indeed become slow in attaining erections with age and sometimes it happens before the time comes.

Currently, we have an overabundance of male enhancement supplement, but we rather chose penis pumps.

There are many smart reasons to buy Penis Pump, for those who want to get a larger and straight penis.

What Are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are the mechanical device currently being used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, Bend Penis, and Micro Penis.

These devices are easy to use, which works big-time, and they are quite easy to operate without you making any mistakes while using them.

Most penis pumps are vacuum pumps that have a tube that fits around the penis, then a seal ring that covers the penis base.

Lastly, a Vacuum pack which can be powered by a battery of manually, which removes the air from the tube and inducing erection.

Over the years, penis pumps are called as a non-drug treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, however, they are ineffective against the severe ED.

How to Use Penis Pump? Guide to Use Penis Pumps

Using a penis pump looks difficult for some people, but in reality, it is very easy to operate.

You have to follow the easy steps below:

  • First, fix the tube over your penis, you can also apply lubes in case you don’t like the texture of the tube
  • Fix the ring on the base of your penis for complete air entrapment
  • Turn on the pump, you can either operate it manually by using a hand pump to remove the air from the inner chamber. As the air pressure decreases the blood flow into the penis will reach to the shaft and cause a massive erection

This exercise regularly can help your penis to have an instant erection for the right time.

About Using Penis Ring

Only a few penis pumps come with a penis ring which is worn at the base of your penis.

The purpose of this ring is to keep the blood inside the penile chambers and maintain an erection for longer time durations.

You can also remove the tube after tightening the penis base with the ring, no matter how long you wear it do not exceed the limit of 30 minutes!

Benefits of Using Penis Pumps

Using a penis pump is becoming common amongst men as some men are calling it “gyming for penis”.

It has been used prior to sexual intercourse where it keeps the erection intact and unaffected by the most sizzling stimulus.

The penis pumps are safe mechanical devices which have no side effects. It is safer than invasive methods such as penis implants that need cutoff surgery.

Compare to the ED medications and another form of supplement, penis pumps are largely affordable and have no chances of prostate cancer.

You can also use penis pumps along with the ED pills where there will be no risks.

Penis Pumps Side Effects – Are There Any?

Every time you use a penis pump, it lets the body responds to the treatment.

Now, this treatment should not be with you throughout the day, some men use penis pumps once daily for an optimum amount of time while some use 3 times daily.

Too much vacuum pressure is not good for the penis tissues as it can cause rupturing the tendons or ligaments.

You will also notice mild spotting or redness of the skin and petechiae which occurs only if you buy cheap quality products.

Sexual intercourse values the element of surprise so much and using penis pumps takes away this sort of element.

Some couple is not comfortable where they have to keep using penis pumps before the foreplay.

Penis Pump Cautions

Penis pumps are great for mild to moderate type of Erectile Dysfunction, but there is some medical condition that begs for not using penis pumps.

Using blood thinning medication and penis pumps together has higher chances of internal bleeding which can be quite dangerous.

Also, in some blood-related diseases such as sickle cell anemia, it is forbidden to use penis pumps due to the formation of blood clots.

How to Buy a Penis Pump?

Using a penis pump doesn’t always require a doctor’s prescription. But to stay on the safe side, it would be wise to talk about it with the doctor and see if he can advise using penis pumps.

penis pumps

Visiting a doctor is important because, in the end, you will get to use the safer penis pump which is also FDA approved.

These are the best penis pump available in the market:

Now, some pharmacies carry these penis pumps while others don’t, for this query consult to the online pages where they sell the best penis pumps on the market.

Is it possible to buy a penis pump without a prescription?

In the current health market, you will find dozens of penis pumps that are although not approved by the FDA. But they are easy to buy like from sundry drug stores, online shops, and sex shops nearby.

However, using such penis pumps may not guarantee safety, which is the most important thing to be standing by.

What to see before Choosing the Best penis Pump?

Always go to the penis pumps which have the option for vacuum pressure adjustment. Some vacuum pumps, the pressure gets too strong and cause injuries to the penis.

The base ring is also an important part of the penis pump to look at before choosing, it should be fixed to your penis base and not uncomfortable.

Make sure to buy the penis pump which helps to get over with ED symptoms. Some penis pumps offer the additional advantage of penis enlargement which may or may not work.

Penis pump pricing – How much does penis pumps cost?

The price range of the best penis pumps available is from $100-$500, which your medical insurance can easily cover.

You can also try the premium quality standard penis pumps which are available a little bit of more price.

They are made from the medical grade material under standardized manufacturing plant.

What are treatments for ED other than Penis Pumps?

You can try a different type of ED treatments which are classified as:

  1. ED Medications (Oral)- Viagra and Cialis with Genera Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil.
  2. Penile Injections and Suppositories- Suppositories are rapidly dissolvable drug that is placed on the penis top and it induces a prompt erection. They can also be injected at the base of the penis by using injections. Painful though!
  3. Penis Implants- This is the most inconvenient and dangerous method for users. A prosthetic rod is placed inside the penis which is inflated using a saline solution after which the erection occurs. The mechanism goes as…



Erectile Dysfunction has targeted 40% of men in the world’s population out of which 90% are those belonging to the 40+ age group.

It is important to keep the engine running while you are 40 and the desire for sexual intimacy never dies in men.

To keep this thing coming as it used to be, using penis pumps can be so much beneficial rather than using Oral medication and getting prosthetic rod implants in your cock.

The best way to satisfy your partner is simply by holding the erection for longer. This is where Bathmate Penis Pumps are very useful!

Note, the use of penis pumps demands patience from both of you if both parties are okay with it the best thing you can do is find the best penis pumps on the market.

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