Penomet Review – A Revolutionary new Penis Pump! [2020]

Penomet is an award winning Penis Pump – Get a visibly bigger penis within 15 minutes! Backed by more than 10 years of real-life testing.

Right when you decide to give penis pumps a try, a common thought that could hit you is deciding what to go from the water assisted pump and a pump that operates through air.

No wonder, this tends to be a mere challenge depicting how safely and successfully you will get through the process and deliver that exact level of performance you have wished behind closed doors.

But right when you reach a conclusion and settle on the type you feel more suitable, you are automatically switched to another challenge relating to the brand you want.

Confusing right?

Certainly it is- after all, this is the most sensitive matter and your concern for the best is simply justified.


If you are here to seek the answers to such common problems you may encounter while choosing a penis pump for yourself, we would like to suggest in light of our assessments and experiences we gained while studying the male enhancement market closely.

Firstly, we have always preferred water pump against air pumps as we feel that the mechanism being applied by the water assisted pumps are way too secure for the penis than how the air pumps generally work.

As both the types create vacuum through applying pressure on the penile, the pressure being distributed by water pumps is way too balanced to target and cover the entire penile than the force being delivered by air pumps.

It is thereby the gains produced by Hydro Pumps are observed to be of supreme quality and pain-free unlike the insignificant improvements and painful effects generated by Air Pumps.

Now moving on to the question pertaining to the brand good for your penile and its growth, we believe that the brands we generally find worth suggesting are rather few than more.

Yes, in spite of the market having a variety of Hydro Pumps to offer, there is handful of devices serving quality and the real purpose of penis pumps in the first place.

One of such example is Penomet Hydro Pump that has always been in a leading position and is still enjoying the top spot in 2020.

What is Penomet Pump and how useful can it be for the sexual imperfections eating you inside- let’s have a look!


The water assisted Penomet pump is a successful male enhancement for the instant penis growth needed minutes ahead of sex.

The penis pump is full of qualities with the most convincing one to be its unique design based on a cylinder and interchangeable gaiter system for you to add more and more pressure once your member gets used to a certain level of force.

The concept introduced by Penomet is an absolute effective course as it allows the users to change and switch to a higher pressure when the time and condition of your penis demands.

The practice facilitates the users to monitor the growth and end up with results that are produced in a most relaxing, smartly supervised and of course, safer way.

Similar to any other Hydro Pump, Penomet uses water for generating vacuum when the penile is set inside.

This vacuum encourages the organ to straighten up and pull a healthy amount of blood to facilitate the enlargement and widening of penile.

However when blood makes its way to the penile, its not just the length and width that encounters a change, but the erections as well.

So the 15 minutes of pumping your manhood is nothing but prepping your tool to ‘fix her up’!


Penomet is no mundane product you need to think twice about. It is a male enhancement that has name for delivering quality wrapped in comfort.

The Penomet device is produced from polycarbonate plastic that simply suits your skin irrespective of how sensitive it is to external agents.

Its gaiters are manufactured from medical grade silicon that simply adds up to something powerful on your cock.


The manufacturers of Penomet have always received a great deal of admiration for the design they have come up with.

Essentially, this systematic vacuum design is a masterpiece made in accordance with the valuable opinions of consumers who wished for a pump that causes no discomfort and pain at the time of enlargement.

Talking of discomfort and pain, users have suffered a lot when air pumps were the go-to penis devices for the lengthening of penile or remedial of erection problems.

 As the pressure generated by air pumps is often unsteady around the penile, the enlargement effects are generally observed unsatisfactory with the penile growing from a certain area and being unresponsive from the other.

This deformation of the member not just causes pain at the time of penetrations but also steals the charm you may have enjoyed otherwise.

In the case when a penis pump utilizes the strength of water and not air, the end results are always observed satisfactory.

This is because water creates pressure targeting the overall penile and not just certain parts for the growth to occur from all over the place.

But on top of the general benefits associated with the use of Hydro Pumps, Penomet offers a more advanced pumping system through its non return valve and a gaiter that ensures proper building of pressure for the vacuum to attract the needed degree of blood.

When blood is finally attracted into the corpora cavernosa, the enlargement and engorgement effects on the penile become evident and it begins to come in a state where it can perform more than the usual amount of time and with extreme firmness to turn the encounter into an experience you will hardly forget. 


The results of Penomet are extremely powerful with the added bonus of being on the spot.

Pumping through Penomet is just as favorable for the quality of erections as the practice advantages the growth of penis.

It basically boosts blood distribution in the nether regions of the male body, causing the erections to strengthen as well as last longer.

In fact, Penomet is even recommended for the extreme problems with erections, called as Erectile Dysfunction that causes a man to lose his power on ejaculation or feel too soft to penetrate.

Right as Penomet helps with the common erection problems through the increase in blood flow; it eliminates the signs of ED in the exact same way; as strong erections necessitates healthy volumes of blood in corpora cavernosa and pumping is one natural way to balance this demand with supply.

Thus, Penomet is of great aid. Besides, it helps you in the following ways:

  1. Grow the penis length by 3 inches
  2. Supports the increase in width by 30%
  3. Extra firmness and duration every time
  4. Higher control on ejaculation
  5. Complete control on Erectile Dysfunction
  6. Extreme virility and power
  7. Strong, extra satisfying orgasms
  8. Higher confidence in self


Penomet does produce commendable results and one can never deny how quickly it creates the changes you need yet, it does not lead to permanent results.

In fact, no penis pump delivers lasting effects.

Just as you pump your manhood with Penomet and the blood begins to gather in corpora cavernosa, you feel ready for lovemaking in less than 20 minutes.

However, once the ‘show’ is over and you managed to earn some memorable experiences with your hard work, the effects will settle in some 3-4 hours later.

As per the regular users of Penomet, the device tends to work wonder when used regularly and long-term.

In a case like this, not only it gives outcomes better than what have been anticipated but gives you the ability to keep the effects longer than the normal amount of time.  


Using Penomet is quite a simple task needing mere 15 minutes time and some efforts from your part.

Now if you are someone who is about to use a penis pump for the first time in life, or say, are new to Penomet, begin your ‘trip’ with the least pressure gaiter say, the purple one that is based on 60.

Now fix this detachable gaiter to the device and fill it up with warm water preferably after taking a hot shower or during the bath.

  1. Position your penis inside the water-filled cylinder and pump
  2.  Pump till the formation of a vacuum seal within the cylinder
  3. Take a short break before pumping again as the organ will need some time to rest
  4. Continue the practice for some 15 minutes with the exact same pattern that is pumping and relaxing 
  5. Now since the procedure is completed, gently take off the device by pushing the valve

As you can notice the easy application and less time taking nature of this process, you can just start with it anytime and master sexual prowess without ado.


Penomet sounds like a ray of hope for men eager to do something about their imperfect sexual encounters; however, it does have some cons negating the possibility of Penomet being a perfect male enhancement.

Before discussing the discouraging factors about Penomet, let us mention the encouraging factors depicting how useful this penis device can be for you.


  1.  The high quality Penomet produces instant improvements from the very first use
  2. With patience and consistency, it can add up to 3 inches in the penile size with the promise to correct Erectile Dysfunction and encourage 30% growth in the circumference area
  3. Penomet involves a hassle-free application and is completely comfortable to use
  4. The design is exactly what you need in a penis device as it has been planned in accordance with the view of genuine users looking ahead for a perfect male enhancement
  5. Penomet has been tested for a long period of time before it could serve people and introduces the concept of interchangeable gaiters that is complete unique and powerful
  6. The company is offering 5 pressure gaiters for the users to take baby steps towards the big results for safety. Just as their member accepts the least pressure (purple 60) and begins to respond comfortably, they can move ahead to the one offering more force and so on till they make their way to the one offering the most (orange 80)
  7. If you compare the results of Penomet with similar penis devices, you will notice that Penomet is simply unbeatable with regard to how speedily the results are produced. This indicates that it does not affect the spontaneity of sex that is simply the spice of sex
  8.  Other than comfort and effectiveness, this penis pump is all about flexibility that does not bind you to a certain place or situation. Use it when you go for a shower or are wondering to bath, choice is yours
  9. The company guarantees to replace the gaiter anytime you want in life! That’s true. This guarantee has no limit in time and you can avail it under any xyz circumstance
  10. There is 60 Days refund policy that allows you to test Penomet within two months and claim your money if it does not turn the way you expected


  1. While investing in a penis device, its natural for you to expect permanent results but Penomet and other similar devices deliver brief effects that resolve in a matter of hours so, this could be discouraging to men seeking unending changes and not temporary
  2. It offers a single sized cylinder that questions its usefulness for all the different-sized buyers seeking it. Just as Penomet has offered a variety in pressure gaiters, we hoped there was a variety in the sizes of devices as well
  3. Penomet is slightly costly and we wished it to be a little more budget friendly.
  4. You need to commit 15 minutes every day and that may be annoying to some


Over all, we are quite impressed with the results and quality offered by Penomet and there is no major lacking convincing enough to discourage our readers.

In fact, Penomet can be that ‘go-to’ penis pump that can pull you out of exhaustions eating you and your relationship with that special girl.

Undeniably, Penomet speaks of quality and that is substantiated through the design you get to sport on your dick and with comfort and effectiveness, it definitely becomes the one offering more than its rivals.  

So if you need a valuable advice pertaining to the brand you can trust for an insignificant penile size, Erectile Dysfunction or the basic erection problems, we would like to vouch for Penomet at once.

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